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The Mi Note 10 Pro has been one of the hottest phones to come out from the Chinese manufacturer this year. It comes with a very high price tag, but it comes with high performance. Priced at nearly three thousand Yuan, the phone is not for everyone. However, if you are looking for a high performing phone that you do not have to worry about draining your bank account then the Mi Note is a great choice. This is one of the newest phones from Mi who are now offering it for free online. mi note 10 pro

Costing from 4,599 yuans (707 in currency today s worth), the Mi Note 10 Pro features a lot of high end features. It features a fully illuminated Virtual Dior front panel, a six mega-pixels camera, a heart rate monitor, a capacitive keypad, an advanced notification system, a dock connector, and a powerful Media Hub. The camera system is one of the most impressive and well equipped on any smartphone. It offers an impressive twenty-six megapixels resolution, optical image stabilization, a time lapse mode, and a low light mode.

The Mi Note 10 Pro has the ability to shoot in MMS and JPEG formats and supports high definition video recording at up to 1080p resolutions. The camera also offers an eight megapixel standard camera which offers a bang for the buck. The phone also offers two gigabytes of ram for running multiple apps. The battery has a long lasting and a single battery charge which can be charged via the USB port.

One of the best parts about the Mi Note is its ability to connect to Windows Mobile or Blackberry Smartphones via the Bluetooth technology. This feature is known as Windows Mobile Connect but has already been included on many handsets. With this technology you can instantly receive push messages, and email attachments from your friends through the Bluetooth technology on your phone. The fingerprint scanning facility of the device also enables users to go online with their Mi Note. You can sign into different websites using the Mi Note’s Wi-Fi.

The phone comes with a cool feature called aurora green and midnight black. The feature enables the user to view the current weather on the phone. The two colors blend together perfectly to give the user an awesome experience when it comes to using mobile phones. Some of the other features of the device include a voice dialing facility, Microsoft Live Search, Microsoft Office, a volume slider, a calendar, a dialer, a barcode scanner, a built-in Dictation tool, and a secondary display for showing contacts.

The camera on the phone is one of its classiest features. It has a 5 megapixel camera that excels in low light, indoor, and outdoor images. The front and back cameras have built-in image processing engines to help the user capture crisp photos. You can use the zoom, picture stitching, panorama, photo editing, and a whole lot more to enhance the quality of your images with the MI note 10 pro.

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