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A national car rental agency will not be the right place for you if you’re looking for a cheap automobile. The rent on this macro-agency covers the expensive procurement cost of the flashy and recent car model, and of course, the relatively higher insurance cost. The journey of finding cheap car rentals will take you to the garage of local car rental enterprises.

Local car rental enterprises provide affordable car rentals. They sell used-cars which are a little vintage in age, ranging from ten years old and beyond. The selections they provide are usually inclusive of broken down car that can still be fixed or automobiles forsaken by their previous owners. These cars don’t have all the bling unlike the ones that are available in national rental agencies. However, they have the gas-efficient capacity which means more savings.

Too often, back lot car enterprise apply enough fixes on disserted cars to make it run decently once again. They might even add a few bucks to keep the interior from being an eye sore to potential customers. After putting the most minimal repairs possible, cars are then sent to the back lot to become the next affordable car available for rent.

Cheap car rental agencies can be found in places you never expected it to be at. You can find one in a countryside town and can definitely find a pack in cities. Try scanning the phone book’s yellow pages and you will end up with a list of them. You must not expect extra services though because compared to a big automobile rental institution, most cheap ones does not provide pick up services. The number of car choices you are bound to see when you visit these rental agencies are also limited. cheapest rent a car in dubai

Since the cost of cars from local agencies are kept cheap through minimization of investment costs, these cars have their share of flaws. Low maintenance could only result to a less impressive mechanical performance. Your cheap rented car may only start after you’ve hit ignition several times. If dependability is your main concern when dealing with cars, you might not want to consider these type of car rentals.

The cheap car rentals’ viability is still existent as an alternative means of answering your transportation needs while you don’t have enough dollar bills for a new car’s down payment. A good number of local car rental enterprises allow customers to rent a car for as long as the latter needs it. Some would even let you do a rent to buy agreement with them. But frequently, the cheap cars which customers rely on are kept by enterprisers for future dependable income.

Be warned though of car agents who let you enter in a rent to buy agreement for a car which is expected to retire from service soon. Car agents might take advantage of you

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