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Your child going off to college can be a very proud moment in a parent’s life but at the same time a very same time a stressful one. There is something reassuring about knowing your child is going to walk through that door every night. When your child leaves for school that reassuring feeling does go out the window to some degree. You’re miles away and although you have the ability to call you obviously have concerns about your child’s safety, especially if it’s a daughter. Not that you don’t worry about a son’s safety but the fact of the matter is that the average female may be more prone to attack and less capable of physically handling one should one occur. With that said my son will not be attending college without a personal alarm packed in his suitcase. In fact that will be one of the stipulations to me paying for his education.

The majority of college campuses I would consider to be safe places but tell that to the parents of students who have been assaulted, mugged, raped or murdered on campus and you will no doubt hear a different opinion. The fact of the matter is that no place on this earth is entirely immune to tragic events. However there is something we can do to help ensure our children are not victims of these events and doing so is entirely affordable and so easy it is literally insane not to do. Purchase a personal alarm and stress to your college student the importance of carrying it. The fact that many personal alarms are attachable to key chains should make this very easy. acrylic charms

Personal alarms vary somewhat in color, shape and size but for the most part are meant to be easily-carried handheld devices that emit extremely high decibel alarms when activated by the user. They are not a stun device or defensive spray or anything that could possibly harm the user or another individual. If you think that means that these devices cannot be as effective as a stun device or defensive spray then I must tell you that you are dead wrong. Let’s say, for example, a potential rapist should be out late at night, carousing the campus looking for a young female victim and this scumbag happens to stumble upon a young lady with a 130 decibel key chain alarm. Let’s just say that when this 130 decibel personal key chain alarm is activated it will be heard by anyone within screaming distance. 120 decibels is the decibel level emitted by a jet airplane on a runway. 10 decibels louder than that is going to scare the hell out of that attacker and probably see him run in fear. If not it’s certainly going to attract the attention of everyone around and security will no doubt be on its way.

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