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For many, the process of learning to become a consistently profitable trader can be both long and demanding. I know that for myself, every facet of my emotions were tested and I really saw what “I was made of”. Of all the things I’ve accomplished, the process in working to become a consistently profitable trader was by far the most challenging.

But it has also been by far the most rewarding.

Fulfillment on every level of my life has increased as a by-product of taking on such an amazing art.

I firmly believe that in order to become a trader one must really have full control of their mindset and this carries over to all other dimensions of life in an amazingly positive way.

The point is that it seems in this universe that the things worth having require work – and it’s directly proportional. The more work or ‘harder’ it is, the more precious and amazing the rewards.

If you asked anyone if they would like to sit at home on their computer and make money consistently each month, and that there is really no limit to the amounts they can ultimately make, almost everyone I know would LOVE that. So this business and skill set is widely desired. That being the case, with the great rewards this brings, it can bring great frustration, anger, fear and hopelessness. 대여계좌

In fact, every trader will reach a stage on their amazing journey where they will begin to doubt themselves and their abilities. This can sometimes be the by-product of several losses in a row that are result of faulty use of a strategy. Or it could be from a lack of experience and ability to trade in a market that is not providing much follow-through. It could also be from a day of big losses, where the trader seemed to lose control of himself/herself. Or it could simply be month after month of break-even, ‘going nowhere’ trading results or slowly bleeding their accounts dry.

Many traders have family and friends who may not understand what trading and investing is about. They form an opinion, or even a conviction, about it from what they learned on the news or from stories from others. A trader may receive constant criticism and sarcastic remarks from their friends and loved ones, and this does not help to build up one’s confidence, especially when they come upon a time of trial and setbacks.

What a trader must realize is that these folks are telling you these things usually from the right place – they care about you. Their comments are usually not to meant harm you but many times they are made out of sheer ignorance. Let me share this key point with you that, if you follow it, will serve you in every facet of your life:

Don’t let anyone else’s comments about what they believe you can or cannot do impact YOU.

When you are constantly getting this negative feedback and commentary from friends and loved ones about your trading vocation, and it gets buried in your subconscious mind, it starts to nest there and cause problems. Now, just like the ingredients for a recipe, you put in a dash of consistently losing money each month and then top it off with a decent little losing streak or one big losing day and it’s no wonder why a budding trader may just throw up their hands and pack it in.

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